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Cwic Clips- Fasting for 40 Days

40 days cwic clips fasting Nov 03, 2019

- Did Jesus really fast for 40 Days?
- How long can someone go without food?



LDS Mormon Fasting


so in verse 2 it says and when he had

fasted forty days and forty nights he


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Come Follow Me LDS- 1-2 Timothy Titus Philemon Part 2, New Testament

'Itching Ears'
- Paul's Final Words are on the Doctrine of Christ
- The concern about sticking to core doctrines
- Enduring & Suffering as followers of Christ and His example
- The attributes of...

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Cwic Clips- Jesus' Royal Procession

- Palm Sunday as a Royal Procession to the Temple - 'Palms' as Lulavs? - What is the 'Triumphant Entry'?





LDS Mormon New Testament Bible


and here is I...

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Come Follow Me LDS- 1-2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon Part 1

'Fables & Jangling'

- Fables and Looking Beyond the Mark

- Paul focuses on The Doctrine of Christ

- Adam then Eve, Eve then Adam

- Why & What are superior to Who, When, Where & How


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Come Follow Me LDS- Thessalonians Part 2

'Covenant & Apostasy'
- Paul clarifies the timing of the Second Coming
- There will first be an Apostasy (Desertion)
- The Apostasy is part of a cycle of creation



 LDS Mormon...

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Cwic Clips- Reading Visionary Scriptures

cwic clips visions Oct 24, 2019

Some scriptures seem odd. Strange beings, heavy symbolism and almost a dream-like description. You are probably reading a vision.



LDS Mormon


Matthew 4 and Luke 4 they open up...

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Cwic Show- Parenting, Marriage & Natural Horsemanship

Ron Searle does a masterful job of guiding us through our relationship with our sons, especially those that are difficult. He shows how to make the relationship of your son with you, the most...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Thessalonians Part 1

'Scapegoats, Vessels & A Thief'
- Finding 'genuine' teachers
- Our bodies are the temple the temple is built after
- Being prepared for the 'thief in the night'
- We are created to succeed
- Evil...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Philippians-Colossians Part 2

'Purple Wool & The New Man'
- Paul resets the Doctrine of Christ
- 'Spoiled through Philosophy'
- Temple Imagery and 'Putting On' the New Man
- 'Endowment'
- Practical & Spiritual Consequences

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Cwic Clips- LDS Faith Crisis, Doubt & the Two Types of Knowledge

Clip from 'Faith, Hope & Charity'

- LDS Faith Crisis

- Doubts about the church and gospel

- There is an intellectual knowledge and an experiential knowledge


Full episode-  ...

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