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This Is The Place Heritage Park Black Pioneer Monument

black members pioneers Jul 23, 2022

This is awesome! New Black Pioneer Monument at This Is The Place Heritage Park.

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Come Follow Me LDS - Ezra - Nehemiah

Jerusalem and Babylonian/Persian Jews

- Who was taken to Babylon?
- Who returned to Jerusalem from Babylon?
- Defending the Kingdom



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Cwic Walk- President Nelson and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - Gender Binary in K-12

Conflating President Nelson and Equity

- Los Angeles Unified School District has created a barrage of propaganda for Identitarianism and Critical Race Theory which includes the determined teaching...

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Guest On Conference Talk Podcast on Elder Christofferson's Talk

A discussion between Matthew Watkins of Conference Talk Podcast, and myself on Elder Christofferson's April 2022 talk, "Our Relationship with God"

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Is The National Education Association (NEA) A Cult?

NEA President Becky Pringle Rallies Her "Delegates"
- National Education Association Convention, Keynote Address
- Nothing in her speech is about the education of the kids
- Angela Davis, the Marxist,...

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Morning Walk 7-18-22, Senator Hawley - Men In The Church - BYU

Morning Walk and Talk

- Senator Hawley and Berkeley professor exchange on language, truth, and violence
- Response to "Where Are The Men In The Church" episode
- BYU and a new organization to fight...

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Come Follow Me LDS - 2 Kings 17- 25, King Josiah and The Deuteronomists

Do The Reforms Under King Josiah Set The Stage For Lehi's Jerusalem?

- We plant a seed for Isaiah and Hezekiah and The Suffering Servant
- Was King Josiah who we are told he was?
- What did the...

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Jordan Peterson Christian Invitation to Men

Such a Void For Men Creates A Great Opportunity For The Church

- With the west disparaging boys, men, and the "patriarchy," the Church should be a refuge for men.
- Jordan Peterson covers three...

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Where Are The Men In The Church?

There Are Fewer Male Members Of The Church

- What messaging are we giving men?

- Do we adequately portray a positive male experience in the Church?

- So many women's programs, so many single women...

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Come Follow Me LDS - 2 Kings 2-7 Elisha

The Prophetic Mantle

- What is meant by the story of the two she-bears?
- Spiritual blindness



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