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Nehor vs Korihor- Battle of the Deniers!

- Nehor is religious, but denies a Christ
- Korihor is an Atheist, and seeks signs and evidence before faith
- Both remove the godly attributes of Faith, Hope & Charity

- A primer for 'The Nehor...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Luke 8, 13 Part 2

'Secrets, Brooms & Jars'
- How we can keep goodness a secret at times
- A broom helps me out of 'the mire'
- Jesus is restoring the Abrahamic Covenant



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alright I'm...
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Come Follow Me LDS- Matthew 13, Luke 8,13 Part 1

'Is Truth Fiction Or Non-Fiction?'
- Why parables are so powerful
- Why no one is a prophet in their own land
- When others have faith in us, we can do mighty works



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'Carrying' The Lord's Name In Vain?

- Does this commandment have something to do with our Baptismal Covenant?
- The Hebrew word for 'take' is better translated as 'carry' or 'bear'.
- The same Hebrew word can be used for 'forgive'.

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Come Follow Me LDS- Matthew 10-12, Mark 2, Luke 7,11 Part 2

'Corn, Dry Places & An Eye'
- How the church exists for individuals & families, not the other way around.
- How going back to our 'comfortable' sins creates a more difficult path to...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Matthew 10-11 Part 1

'A Snitch, An Elias & A Yoke'
- How societies get family members to turn on each other.
- The Joseph Smith Doctrine of the Spirit of Elias and The Spirit of Elijah
- How Christ's 'Yoke' is...

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A Broken Heart And A Contrite Spirit- Since Adam?

Contrary to what is often times taught, a Broken Heart and a Contrite Spirit have always been a required sacrifice, even before the time of Christ.


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Come Follow Me LDS- Matthew 8-9, Mark 2-5 Part 2

'Sitting With Sinners' - Jesus sits with the publicans and sinners
- Are we too exclusionary? Or not enough?
- Authorship! Not 'Play by Play' history.
- 'After all we can do'. Faith in action.


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Come Follow Me LDS- Matthew 8-9, Mark 2-5 Part 1

- Jesus Established as The Healer in Galilee
- How the Atonement means 'to cover', as in garments
- Masses Follow Him
- He is Rejected in Capernaum


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in this episode we're...
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LDS Women and Veils- Rapunzel, Isis & The Church Lady

- How women represent the veil
- Women represent eternal steps of Birth, Marriage & Death
- Where the word 'Mother' comes from
- We still use ancient cultural practices of 'to veil or not to veil'...

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