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Come Follow Me LDS- Doctrine and Covenants 29

"Separation & Gathering"

Many of the early revelations to Joseph Smith in the Doctrine and Covenants were "bedrock" doctrines & principles that have been laid out in all dispensations. As...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Alma 43-52 Part 2 (Aug 3 - 9)

'Moroni, Oath & Blood'
- Moroni leads the "Cause of the Christians"
- These chapters have a theme of Covenant, Oath & Blood
- The name Amalickiah could have something to do with being...

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Come Follow Me LDS -Alma 43-52 Pt 1

'The Title of Liberty'
- The dual message of the Book of Mormon; The Doctrine of Christ and Liberty
- Zerahemnah's scalp is a prelude to the Title of Liberty
- The garments thrown at Moroni's feet are...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Alma 39-42, Book of Mormon

'Spirit Prison & Resurrection'
- Justice vs. Mercy - Justice AND Mercy
- Siron is a 'No-Man's Land'
- Corianton had grabbed onto some wayward ideologies
- YOU are Adam or Eve
- Ponder = To Weigh,...

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Unity In A Time Of Division

How fragile society is, anywhere. Riots, looting, death, destruction and "omission". We need more Charity/Love. We need more "covenant' and more fathers.

We need a stronger American Family...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Jacob 5- -7 (Mar 16 - 22)

'The Allegory of the Olive Trees'

-  Who was Zenos?

-  There has to be a starting point, it is the House of Israel

-  The Allegory is the story of 'covenant' between the peoples of...

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Come Follow Me LDS- 2 Nephi 11-25 (Feb 17 - 23)

'The Meaning of Isaiah'

- Clues to reading these Isaiah chapters are found in Nephi's 'Introduction'

- Isaiah focuses on Christ, Covenant and the Higher & Lower Laws

- The meaning of the...

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Come Follow Me LDS- 1 Nephi 11-15 Part 2 (Jan 20-26)

'The Lamb & The Folds' Part 2

-  'White' is 'Pure'

-  Corruption and the Great and Abominable Church

-  'Tolerance', mercy and 'broad roads'

-  Justice (Cherubim) separate...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Thessalonians Part 2

'Covenant & Apostasy'
- Paul clarifies the timing of the Second Coming
- There will first be an Apostasy (Desertion)
- The Apostasy is part of a cycle of creation



 LDS Mormon...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Romans 1-6 Part 1

'Faith, Works & Grace'
- 3 Principles of the Spiritual Economy
- How will Paul use them?
- Is there relative truth?
- Protestants, Catholics and Latter-Day-Saints

Though the 'law' is the Law of...

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