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Creation, Eve and The Garden of Eden - Provo Presentation

Cwic Interpreter - Temple Imagery & Drama
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The audio is not up to par, but the...

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Cwic Show- Recent Changes to LDS Temples

The LDS Church Announces new LDS Temple Changes!

The LDS Church just announced that the Salt Lake Temple and the Manti Temple would no longer continue live sessions after their remodeling. In...

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Come Follow Me LDS- The First Vision

'The First Vision'
- Mormon and Moroni taught about the heavens being closed.
- The First Vision re-opens the heavens
- What was the clearing in the woods?
- What do the other accounts say about why...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Mosiah 1-3 (Apr 13-19)

"Mosiah, Messiah'

- The beginning of Mosiah is not the beginning of Mosiah

-  The relics are passed on to Mosiah

-  King Benjamin's speech is rich in ritual

- The Fluid Hierarchy in King...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Revelation 1-11 Part 2, New Testament

'Thrones & Seals'

-  Revelation describes a Throne Scene in the Holy of Holies

-  The Four Beasts

-  The 24 Elders

-  The Seven Seals

A few late night editing errors on this...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Revelation 1-11 Part 1, New Testament

'Stars & Candlesticks'

-  The Book of Revelation is to be read as a vision or dream

-  It is in a Temple of Solomon setting

-  It is to be understood in context with other...

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Come Follow Me LDS- 1 Corinthians 1-7 Part 1

'The Wise & The Foolish'
- The wisdom of the world vs. the wisdom of God
- 'Mysteries' of 'The Beginning' and 'The Temple'
- Paul makes Higher & Lower Law parallels
- 'Weakness' in the world is...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Easter, Episode 1: Palm Sunday

- Bethany as religious community for 'Les Miserables'
- Jesus is the God King and Suffering Servant from the Temple Drama of the ancient Israelites.
- The 'palms' may have been a ritual from the...

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LDS Women and Veils- Rapunzel, Isis & The Church Lady

- How women represent the veil
- Women represent eternal steps of Birth, Marriage & Death
- Where the word 'Mother' comes from
- We still use ancient cultural practices of 'to veil or not to veil'...

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The Israelite Temple and Early Christians

Matthew Brown draws on scholarly research to show the importance and centrality of temple worship to the early Christians.



LDS Mormon

FAIR Mormon

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