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Come Follow Me LDS- 1-2 Peter Part 1, New Testament

'Peter's Procession'

-  Peter writes his letter based on a Royal Procession

-  An Holy Priesthood & a Royal Priesthood

-  The Suffering Servant is part of the ritual

- ...

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Come Follow Me LDS- James Part 2, New Testament

'Speech, Envy & Prayer'

-  James' focus on Speech as a gift and tool

-  More speech = more responsibility

- Envy is covetousness. It is similar to sign-seeking

-  Prayer can be...

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Cwic Clips- Mary & Women as The Throne

cwic clips mary throne women Nov 20, 2019

How Mary & Women represent the throne in many ancient civilizations.



LDS Mormon Women Mary Throne


and then he sneaks in this little tidbit

here this this nice little...

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Come Follow Me LDS- James Part 1, New Testament

The 'Works' of James

-  James 1:5 perfectly brings together both Works and Grace/Faith in a scripture for the restoration

-  The Golden Rule and The 'Platinum' Rule

-  We must have...

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Hebrews- Joseph Smith's Priestly Trio- Melchizedek, Abraham & Jesus Christ (Facebook Live)

Melchizedek, Abraham and Jesus Christ makeup a priestly trio that Joseph Smith highlights in from the Book of Hebrews, JST Genesis 14 and Alma 13.

This was a presentation done for Come Follow Me...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Hebrews 7-13 Part 3

'Faith of the Ancients'

-  What is faith?

-  The prophets and others in the Old Testament had faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God

-  There was a doctrine of resurrection in the Old...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Hebrews 7-13, Chaps 7-8, New Testament

'Titles & Forms'
- What can appear to be a description of Christ, Prophets & Priests, is often a title.
- King of Salem, King of Jerusalem, King of Peace, Prince of Peace
- The lineage of the...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Hebrews 7-13, Chaps 9-10, New Testament

'Last Will & Day of Atonement'

-  The shedding of Christ's blood effectuates the the 'Last Will & Testament' of God.

-  The ancient Day of Atonement was all about Christ and His...

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Cwic Clips- Bethany

bethany cwic clips the poor Nov 12, 2019

- Bethany as the 'Poor House'



LDS Mormon


so Bethany is a what appears to be a

place of refuge a city of refuge it may

be that it was a place for sick people

to go to it may...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Hebrews 1-6 Chaps 4-6, New Testament

'Actors, Roles & Drama'
- Joseph Smith was right
- Jesus, like Abraham, takes the role of the Throne Bearer
- The Melchizedek King tradition is about Jesus Christ



Come Follow Me


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