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Come Follow Me LDS- Alma 5-7, Book of Mormon, (Jun 1-7)

'Alma's Questions'
- Alma preaches repentance and the Doctrine of Christ in Zarahemla
- Mass dissension and apostasy in the church
- Alma's testimony comes from the Holy Ghost, not the magnificent...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Mosiah 29 - Alma 4, Book of Mormon (May 25-31)

'Nehor & The War In Heaven'
- Alma ushers in of the Reign of the Judges and the doctrine of kings
- Democracy, Nehor and Priestcraft
- Nehor slays Gideon
- Amlici replays the War in Heaven
- Liberty...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Mosiah 25-28, Book of Mormon (May 18 - 24)

'Alma The Younger'
- The Importance of Records
- Alma's Calling & Election Made Sure
- Dissension within the church
- Alma the Younger and the Sons of Mosiah meet a messenger




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Come Follow Me LDS- Mosiah 18-24, Book of Mormon (May 11 - 17)

Bearing Burdens & 'Nasar'
-  Alma's people bear light on the baptismal covenant
-  The Place of Mormon
-  We are all to tried like Abraham and Sarah
-  How 'Nasar' may play a...

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Cwic Show- HOPE And How To Live With It

What is Hope? How do you develop it and why do we need it? Also, how does it fit in the Attributal Triad of 'Faith, Hope & Charity'? I talk about these questions and really try to get at the...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Mosiah 11-17 Pt 2, Book of Mormon (May 4-10)

'The REAL Reason Abinadi Was Killed'
- Abinadi was NOT killed because he wouldn't give 'Good Tidings'
- In fact, Abinadi did give 'Good Tidings'
- Abinadi was killed because he preached of the coming...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Mosiah 11-17 Pt 1, Book of Mormon (May 4 - 10)

'Abinadi on Trial'

-  Abinadi's Trial is not what you think.

- What is Abinadi's real interpretation of Isaiah 52:7-10?
- Isaiah 53, the Suffering Servant, helps answer the priest's 'gotcha'...

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Cwic Show- Young LDS Apologist, Kwaku El

-  Ideas on defending the LDS Church and its doctrine
-  There is a large, ignored gap between LDS scholarship and the 'garden-variety' member of the church.
-  How is LDS scholarship...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Mosiah 7-10, Book of Mormon (Apr 27 - May 3)

'Becoming & The Doctrine of Christ'

-  King Limhi sets up the reason for Abinadi's Death Penalty

-  Becoming is a major part of The Doctrine of Christ

-  We are made in the image...

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Come Fe Follow Me LDS- Mosiah 4-6 (Apr 20-26)

'King Benjamin & The 4 Phases of the Priesthood'

-  King Benjamin's Speech passes through Faith, Hope & Charity

-  The difference between Marxism and King Benjamin

- The Fluid...

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