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President Oaks & Elder Gilbert - Proclaim Truth!

Resist "the invading ideologies that seek control . ."

Ensign College Devotional

- In the Last Days, good will be called evil, and evil will be called good.

- "We must stand fast against the values...

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Kurt Francom - Leadership In The Church

kurt francom leadership May 17, 2022

Inside Baseball for Church Leadership

- Where do local Church leaders fall short in their leadership skills?
- How to lead in our digital age
- Being an online influencer in an "Influencer Economy"....

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Liberation Theology and The Latter-day Saints

 Is the Greatest Threat to The Restored Gospel Liberation Theology?

What is Liberation Theology?

How does it change the Doctrine of Christ?

How are Faith, Hope, and Charity affected?

How is...

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Mother's Day and the Eve of the Temple

Women ARE Mother Eve.

"The Mother of All Living" is a title.



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BYU Comments- Yes, It's Happening

Comments from BYU Parents, Students, & Faculty.



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More on BYU Open Letter

Reactions and What Is Happening on the BYU Open Letter

There are a few themes developing in the reactions to the BYU Open Letter. From both sides of the issue. These include:

1) The Names of the...

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BYU Open Letter to Faculty, Students, & Parents on Radicalization & CRT

On It's Way To Becoming Rampant, BYU Has Some Bad Apples

I receive dozens of contacts from students and faculty members. This includes administration and support staff. Also from heartbroken...

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Come Follow Me LDS - Exodus 35 - Leviticus 19

Tabernacle and Atonement

These chapters from Exodus 35-Leviticus 19, are some of the best for Temple Imagery. If you put these chapters through the Temple Imagery Interpreter and think about the...

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Cwic Week 4-30-22

Review and Follow-Up of the Week's Episodes

- Elon Musk and Twitter
- Under The Banner Of Heaven
- Pride Robe at BYU
- Postmodernism and The Book of Mormon



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Under the Banner of Heaven - Cwic Review

Absurdly Negative Cliche of Latter-day Saint Life

I could barely get through the first two episodes of the Under the Banner of Heaven series. It was brutal. An incessant onslaught of stereotypical...

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