Podcast, Interviews, Come Follow Me, Study & Courses with LDS Values.  


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Podcast, Interviews, Come Follow Me, Study & Courses with LDS Values. 


Check out our Cwic Study Group!

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Culture and Practical Theology


'Cwic' (Quick) = Intelligent, Alive

This is your home for both top notch interviews with compelling stories as well as a unique, faith-based way to see the scriptures. You'll never see them the same way again.

Is Politics Your New Religion?

Jan 20, 2021

Come Follow Me LDS- D&C 3-5

Jan 18, 2021

One Eternal Round

Jan 14, 2021

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Cwic Media and its Objectives


Cwic Media is a faith-based content producer. We run the new Cwic Show podcast, a compelling interview and commentary show with guests and topics of interest to our listeners. We are also the producers of the weekly Come Follow Me podcast called, Cwic Media.

Each Saturday we offer the Cwic Study Group for each week's assigned scripture chapters. Subscribers to the Cwic Study Group also have access to an ever-growing library of study group recordings and materials including references and annotated scriptures. I am also known to submit a blog post here and there.


We started Cwic Media with the following objectives:


1) Provide our listeners with compelling information and guests framed under LDS values but without the 'fluff' you may find from other sources.

2) Deliver gospel content that improves your understanding of the scriptures through lenses I call 'The 4 Interpreters' and 'Cwic Principles' to strengthen the faith of members of the church. The restored gospel is true and we aim to show that to you.

3) Combat the disinformation campaign weighed so frantically against the church and the testimonies of its members.


Our podcast has had over 900,000 downloads/views over the last year and we are always looking for sponsors and guests for our Cwic Show episodes.

Please help us accomplish our objectives by donating to our cause. Click Here

"And set in order the churches, and study and learn, and become acquainted with all good books, and with languages, tongues, and people." -  D&C 90:15

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'Out of all of the YouTube study sessions that I follow, I look forward to yours the most.'

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"Greg, I am so enjoying your helpful insights . . . So many things are falling into place for me, and really strengthening my knowledge of and relationship with my Savior. Thank you!!!"

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"I have listened to several other podcasts related to Come Follow Me and the others don't even compare."

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