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Come Follow Me LDS- 1-3 John, Jude Part 2, New Testament

'Cain, Korah & Enoch'

-  John focuses on The Doctrine of Christ

-  Jude asks us to 'Remember'

-  'Beasts' as less spiritual men and women

-  There are lost books in both the...

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Come Follow Me LDS- 1 John, New Testament

'Love God, Love Your Brother'

-  Follow the Example of the Savior, Don't Just Have Faith in Him

-  If we Love Him, we will act!

-  The Nehor Principle is a constant, mortal force


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Cwic Clips- Born Again and The Higher & Lower Laws

Jesus' discussion with Nicodemus on being 'born again' is not just about baptism of water, but of the Spirit as well. Jesus is teaching Nicodemus, a Pharisee, about the Higher & Lower Laws.


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Cwic Clips- 'Healer'

Christ as the 'Healer' Old English translations of the bible did not use the proper name of 'Jesus', but rather 'haeland', meaning 'healer'.



okay and then Jesus casts out Devils he


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Come Follow Me LDS- 1-2 Peter Pt 2, New Testament

'From God's Mouth to Your Ear'

-  The attributes of 'Becoming'

-  Developing attributes is 'Works'

-  Calling and Election

-  The process of Witnesses and Doctrinal Revelation


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Cwic Clips- The Real Temple Is The Body

We often say that our body is a temple, like the temples we go to around the world. But perhaps it is the other way around- our body is the real temple.



LDS Mormon Body Temple Word...

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Come Follow Me LDS- 1-2 Peter Part 1, New Testament

'Peter's Procession'

-  Peter writes his letter based on a Royal Procession

-  An Holy Priesthood & a Royal Priesthood

-  The Suffering Servant is part of the ritual

- ...

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Come Follow Me LDS- James Part 2, New Testament

'Speech, Envy & Prayer'

-  James' focus on Speech as a gift and tool

-  More speech = more responsibility

- Envy is covetousness. It is similar to sign-seeking

-  Prayer can be...

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Cwic Clips- Mary & Women as The Throne

cwic clips mary throne women Nov 20, 2019

How Mary & Women represent the throne in many ancient civilizations.



LDS Mormon Women Mary Throne


and then he sneaks in this little tidbit

here this this nice little...

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Come Follow Me LDS- James Part 1, New Testament

The 'Works' of James

-  James 1:5 perfectly brings together both Works and Grace/Faith in a scripture for the restoration

-  The Golden Rule and The 'Platinum' Rule

-  We must have...

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