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Come Follow Me LDS- Matthew 8-9, Mark 2-5 Part 1

- Jesus Established as The Healer in Galilee
- How the Atonement means 'to cover', as in garments
- Masses Follow Him
- He is Rejected in Capernaum


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in this episode we're...
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LDS Women and Veils- Rapunzel, Isis & The Church Lady

- How women represent the veil
- Women represent eternal steps of Birth, Marriage & Death
- Where the word 'Mother' comes from
- We still use ancient cultural practices of 'to veil or not to veil'...

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Come Follow Me LDS - Matthew 6-7 Part 2

'Wolves, Fruits & A Rock'
- Being in the minority is good - Wolves in Wool!
- Fruits and Practical Knowledge - Words as 'Triggers'
- The Rock! Not Dwayne Johnson!


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Come Follow Me LDS- Matthew 6-7 Part 1

Actors, A Prayer & A Priority
- Hypocrites - Checklists vs Change - The Lord's Prayer
- The Aaronic Law, on its own, can't survive


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Come Follow Me New...

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Do Jews, Muslims & Christians Worship The Same God? Ask Ammon!

A few years ago, a professor at a Christian University was fired for wearing a hijab and saying that Muslims and Christians worshiped the same god.

Ammon works his way through an interfaith...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Matthew 5, Luke 6

- Jesus goes up a 'mountain' and creates a temple setting
- He gives the new law and requirements for progression
- Love your enemies? - Perfect?



Come Follow Me New Testament


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Come Follow Me LDS - John 2-4 Part 2

Water, Women and Weddings
- Being born again of water AND the Spirit.
- Ancient Marriage Scene of Jesus and the Samaritan Woman at the Well.
- How wells are betrothal scenes, i.e., Rebekah, Rachael,...

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Come Follow Me LDS- John 2-4 Part 1

Uncategorized Feb 10, 2019

- Mary and Women as The Throne

- Marriage at Cana
- Jesus 'cleanses' the temple referring to the Day of Atonement High Priest of the OT.
- Word of Wisdom as 'cleansing our temple', inviting the...

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A Cursory Exploration of the Higher and Lower Laws- LDS

-A different way of looking at the scriptures!
-Throughout the scriptures, the authors use a framework of The Higher (Melchizedek) and Lower (Aaronic) Laws to present their stories and lessons.

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Come Follow Me LDS- Matthew 4; Luke 4-5 Part 2

-Jesus, as a Jew, was a minority in Galilee!
-Gentiles as a constant feature of the function of the Melchizedek Priesthood and the fulness of the gospel.
-Jesus as 'healer' = 'Haeland'



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