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Cwic Show- Mental Health & LDS Mindfulness with Ty Mansfield

Ty Mansfield discusses mental health and mindfulness applied to Latter-Day Saints. This episode for LDS and everyone covers depression, anxiety, and stillness as well as relationships of marriage...

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Cwic Clips- The Lords Prayer

- Why we don't say The Lord's Prayer word for word

- Jesus shows that he is both a King and a servant in a fluid hierarchy

- In earth as it is in heaven

- Give us this day our daily bread



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Come Follow Me LDS- James Part 2, New Testament

'Speech, Envy & Prayer'

-  James' focus on Speech as a gift and tool

-  More speech = more responsibility

- Envy is covetousness. It is similar to sign-seeking

-  Prayer can be...

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Repentance Talk- LDS

-How Repentance is an Aaronic Priesthood and Lower Law function.
-Why there are two different prayers for the sacrament.
-Our half of the atonement and John the Baptist.
- Mail Jeep Story



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