Life-Changing Journeys



Life-Changing Journeys!

Don't Miss Greg Matsen and others on Life-Changing Journeys, Lectures, and More! 

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April 8, 11:45-12:30

FIRM Foundation Expo

"Nephite Dissenters & Social Justice"

Sandy, UT

April 26-28, 2023

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Cruise Coming Soon

Navigating The Philosophies of Men: 

Building Testimonies & Protecting Your Family

“Navigating the Philosophies of Men” will immerse you in truth, envelop you in the Spirit, and give you strength and clarity to help you and your family build testimonies and distinguish the Doctrine of Christ from the faulty deceptions of the prevailing ideologies currently plaguing our society, church, and families.

Great for older teenagers and college students as well!

September 21- October 1, 2023

"Gospel On The Nile"

Temple Insight Tour

Join Greg Matsen and scholar Bruce H. Porter on a life-changing, faith-building, temple-centered tour up the Nile.

Filling Up Fast! Limited availability for Junior and Royal Suites

So much to learn on this trip. You will gain a greater understanding of the temple. Outside of the temple itself, there may be no better way to learn about your temple experience.

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Coming October, 2023

Liberty & The Doctrine of Christ

America & The Restored Church Tour

Travel to key sites of the founding of both America and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Learn how both of these inspired foundings parallel each other, support and work with each other, and pave the way for the Restoration and expansion of the Restored Gospel. Drawing from The Book of Mormon you will gain insight into how Liberty and the Doctrine of Christ must ultimately be tied together.