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Come Follow Me LDS- Matthew 4, Luke 4-5 Part1

- How Darth Vader and Voldemort represent Satan.
- Jesus is seeing a vision! He is tempted in the wilderness.
- Did Jesus really fast for 40 days?
- Visions are found throughout the scriptures, Lehi,...

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How The Quorum of the Twelve Make Group Decisions

Uncategorized Feb 01, 2019

Elder Eyring talks about Harvard and Stanford Business Schools and how decisions are made in corporate America as compared to how the Brethren make group decisions.



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Charity and Sacrifice Talk- LDS

-How perfectionists and slackers both ignore the atonement and focus on 'self'.
-A Broken Heart and a Contrite Spirit are required for Charity.


Raw Transcript

one thing I have learned in...
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Repentance Talk- LDS

-How Repentance is an Aaronic Priesthood and Lower Law function.
-Why there are two different prayers for the sacrament.
-Our half of the atonement and John the Baptist.
- Mail Jeep Story



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Dinner with Millennials- LDS: Why Some Millennials Might Be Leaving the Church- Mormon

faith crisis millenials Jan 28, 2019

This is a faith-promoting discussion.
Faith crisis?
Millennials go over why some of their generation and the 'Z' generation might leave the church today or what might cause a faith crisis, including...

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Come Follow Me LDS - Matthew 3, Mark 1, Luke 3

-Why John the Baptist is mentioned and prophesied of so much in scripture.
-How the meeting of John and Jesus at the Jordan River represents the two priesthoods.
-Why there must be a separation of...

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A good video describing some purity laws from the Old Testament, priestly clothing, order and chaos, and additional symbolism from Jonathon Pageau.



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Jonathon Pageau, an Orthodox Christian and an insightful thinker on biblical symbolism, gives his take on tree symbolism in the Garden of Eden. He mentions a possible ‘third tree’ from...

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The Israelite Temple and Early Christians

Matthew Brown draws on scholarly research to show the importance and centrality of temple worship to the early Christians.



LDS Mormon

FAIR Mormon

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Dinner w Millenials- LDS: Free Agency and Biology, Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson

-If there was not a human 'spirit', just biology, could we have free agency?
-What determines free agency? Does evolutionary psychology explain our free will?
-Why is the individual so important?


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