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Cwic Week 4-30-22

Review and Follow-Up of the Week's Episodes

- Elon Musk and Twitter
- Under The Banner Of Heaven
- Pride Robe at BYU
- Postmodernism and The Book of Mormon



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Cwic Week 4-4-22, BYU Professor, Students/Faculty, Exmo Convo

byu byu professor cwic week Apr 04, 2022

- Follow-up on BYU Professor Slander
- Visit with BYU Religion Professors, Students, Faculty
- Podcast Interview
- Exmo Conversation
- Stand up as Witnesses to Christ



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Cwic Week 11-22-21 Microaggressions, Demons, & The Constitution

- Comments on the Church Microaggression Email - Elder Bednar and Choosing to be Offended - Understanding Demons and the Context of the Sermon on the Mount - President Oaks, The US Constitution and...

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Cwic Week 10-30-21 Mormon Stories, Patrick Mason & Statues

Wrap-up on recent episodes!

Cwic Show and Greg Matsen are featured on the anti-Mormon YouTube Channel Mormon Stories in regards to Natasha Helfer. We revisit our conversation with Patrick Mason on...

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Cwic Week 10-4-21 Antiracism, War Against Boys, Black National Anthem, and Rise of Liberal LDS

A weekly wrap-up of what we covered this week with additional insights.

- Antiracism and Language
- The Black National Anthem in Forbes Magazine
- Education's war on men is only a slice of a larger...

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Cwic Week- 8 28 21 Elder Holland, Afghanistan and the Office of Belonging

Weekly wrap-up of what we covered this week with additional insights.

More response to Elder Holland's speech at BYU with additional insights. The office of Belonging (Orwellian?) at BYU and the...

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