Cwic Clips- Faith Before Healling

In virtually every example of healing given by Jesus, it is a result of someone's faith.




and then Jesus gets back in a ship goes

over the Sea of Galilee again and ends

up in another town and he's kind of

traveling is the travelling healer

in Galilee here and there's a ruler that

comes to him named Jairus or junior

gyrus and gyrus comes to him at the

synagogue he's a ruler of the synagogue

and he comes to him falls at his feet

and says and if he sought him greatly

saying my little daughter lieth at the

point of death

I pray thee come and lay thy hands on

her that she may be healed again he's

putting this forward already maybe a

lesson again for us and how we approach

God when we have faith in Him and then

he say and he says lay thy hands on her

that she may be healed and she shall

live so he's already making this

assertion you know it's kind of like you

think of the brother of Jared when he

says hey I've got all these ideas I know

we've kind of heard this lesson before

where he's got this idea of using these

stones to put light in the in the boats

and so he comes up with everything and

he just says to Jehovah hey touch these

with your finger and they will provide

light for us it's a similar lesson here

that he's that were receiving throughout

these chapters that we need to think of

what we need to do he wants us to travel

toward him again in that at one mint he

wants us to travel toward him as much as

possible make our efforts so that he can

reach then down to us so we need to make

the effort first we're the lower law

which that's where we start and on the

way there's a woman who is diseased with

an issue of blood twelve years she has

she's got all she's got a blood problem

let's just say and as he's passing by

she reaches out and symbolically grabs

his hem has something to do with

probably his priesthood priestly raiment

his priestly garment that he is wearing

probably and that's it and he feels

this pull out of her so he she doesn't

even ask him

this case from him in this case she just

exerts the faith and puts forth her hand

so she makes the effort believing that

this will heal her

it says here Matthew says of her for she

said within herself if I may but touch

His garment I shall be whole and Jesus

turned him about and when he saw her he

said daughter be of good comfort thy

faith hath made the whole so here he

doesn't even put his hand on her or say

anything to her and she's basically made

whole because of her faith and what she

does so she does everything she can and

his power comes over her and heals her

another important thing about the woman

here is that if she has got blood on her

if she's got an issue with blood a blood

issue literally then Jesus as a high

priest he/she would be impure to him he

is not allowed to be around based on the

the laws at the time he would not be

allowed to be around her and that's

probably why she may not come right up

to him and approach him and if she's

really got this problem

she is impure and so she instead of

grabbing even his arm or anything else

that might be why she just comes and

grabs his hem the hem of his of his robe

so then he comes to the rulers irises

home and everyone there is weeping over

his daughter who is apparently dead and

he says why are you all worried about

this she's not dead and they laugh

at him for bringing this up but it says

here in verse 41 he took the damsel by

the hand and said unto her

Talitha koum II which is being

interpreted damsel I say unto thee arise

and straight away the damsel arose and

walked and so that is basically how the

chapter here ends and how the lesson of

of mostly Matthew 8 and 9 inches with

this daughter that we have all these

other healings but here is the great

healing of this

grouping with the daughter of gyrus


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