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Cuban Protests and Ibram Kendi's America

The recent Cuban protests shine a light on a message that the media often does not want to share- protesting against Marxism. Ibram Kendi, a Critical Race Theorist, used the example of Castro's...

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Come Follow Me LDS- 3 Nephi 27 - 4 Nephi

'From Zion to Chaos'
- The NAME of the church is part of a theme
- We take on the Name of Jesus Christ
- We are baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ
- This all has to do with the Doctrine of Christ

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Cwic Show- LDS Woman, "I Went to Prison for Smuggling People Across the Berlin Wall"

At age 18, Sylvia Pollack began smuggling people from East Germany to West Germany. Things were going well, then she was setup by the East German security force, the Stasi. After 3 months in an...

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