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One Eternal Round

In D&C 3:2 we get a familiar, though not often used phrase. What does 'One Eternal Round' mean? We see it in the scriptures in a handful of places along with another, similar phrase, 'the same...

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Cwic Show- Don Bradley, The Lost 116 Pages of The Book of Mormon

'The Lost 116 Pages'
- The Brass Plates May have been originated by Joseph of Egypt in Egyptian
- The Sword of Laban may also be from Joseph & Joshua
- Both Moroni and The Brother of Jared appear...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Ether 6-11

'Compass, Square & Stones'
-  Ether and Moroni write with Temple Imagery
-  Are the stones in the barges compasses & stones?

-  Palace intrigue
- Cain and Abel is the story of...

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