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BYU Professor Peddles Abortion - Audio & Slide

abortion byu byu professor Dec 19, 2022

Can You Be Unpregnant? A Little Bit Pregnant?
"There Can Be An Interspace"

- Professor quotes, "The Right To Not Have Kids"
- "This interspace 'I don't want to take a pregnancy test, I don't want to...

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Liberation Theology and The Latter-day Saints

 Is the Greatest Threat to The Restored Gospel Liberation Theology?

What is Liberation Theology?

How does it change the Doctrine of Christ?

How are Faith, Hope, and Charity affected?

How is...

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BYU Comments- Yes, It's Happening

Comments from BYU Parents, Students, & Faculty.



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More on BYU Open Letter

Reactions and What Is Happening on the BYU Open Letter

There are a few themes developing in the reactions to the BYU Open Letter. From both sides of the issue. These include:

1) The Names of the...

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BYU Open Letter to Faculty, Students, & Parents on Radicalization & CRT

On It's Way To Becoming Rampant, BYU Has Some Bad Apples

I receive dozens of contacts from students and faculty members. This includes administration and support staff. Also from heartbroken...

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Cwic Week 4-4-22, BYU Professor, Students/Faculty, Exmo Convo

byu byu professor cwic week Apr 04, 2022

- Follow-up on BYU Professor Slander
- Visit with BYU Religion Professors, Students, Faculty
- Podcast Interview
- Exmo Conversation
- Stand up as Witnesses to Christ



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BYU Professor Who Supports CRT, Backhands Cwic Media

byu byu professor voicemail Apr 01, 2022

BYU Professor Blames Cwic Media for Harassing Voicemail

A BYU professor made a false and malicious accusation online in regards to a voicemail he received from a deep-voiced man. He more than...

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Examples of How Critical Race Theory Manifests at BYU

 A BYU "Whiteness" Assignment and Students Speak Out

The students that leaked this assignment are being harassed by other BYU professors who are threatening to send them to the Honor Code...

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Cwic Week 09-4-21 BYU Professors and Critical Race Theory, Clear Thinking and Lehi's Dream

BYU Professors Advocating for Critical Race Theory at BYU, Clear Thinking, Using Lehi's Dream

BYU Professors Advocating for Critical Race Theory at BYU, Clear Thinking, Using Lehi's Dream



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