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Interview on the "Conference Talk" podcast

Spent an hour on the "Conference Talk" podcast conversing about Elder Cook's recent conference talk. 



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President Nelson's Goodbye Talk? Jesus Christ as "Trailblazer"

Our Job Is To Overcome The World

Was this President Nelson's last conference? Hmmm
Using titles of "God"
Miracles and manifestations to come
The Atonement of Jesus Christ as an Invitation
Jesus Christ...

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Don't Be A Victim - Your Relationship with God - General Conference Commentary

Our Relationship With God Is Above Adversity

Elder Christofferson guides us through the noise of adversity to the signal of our relationship with Christ and teaches us not to be victims. Using the...

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Identity and The Gospel - General Conference Commentary

Hyperemphasizing Less Important Identities

The West, through nefarious ideologies of identity, is systematically being broken down by society, family, and the individual. We live in a world...

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General Conference April 2022 Insights

A combination of themes and messages from the conference will be covered more thoroughly during the week.

- We need to change, not the Church or the Gospel

- Suffering as a Joint-Heirs with Christ

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Getting More Out Of General Conference

- General Conference happens to coincide with Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles.

- Seeing the talks through the filters of:

1. The Higher & Lower Laws
2. Temple Imagery & Drama

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