The Nile


Gospel On The Nile


Join Greg Matsen and scholar Bruce H. Porter on a life-changing, faith-building, temple-centered tour up the Nile.


"Gospel On The Nile"

September 10 - 19, 2024


So much to learn on this trip. Most importantly, you will gain a greater understanding of the temple. Outside of the temple itself, there may be no better way to learn about your temple experience.

During your time on this special tour “Gospel on the Nile,” you'll not only discover the gospel in ancient Egypt but you will build faith. You will step back in time as we uncover similarities to what the Egyptians embraced as the first Pharaoh sought earnestly to imitate the religion held by Adam, Noah, Abraham and Moses. You will appreciate even more the divine restoration of the gospel through Joseph Smith by experiencing, seeing, feeling, and touching those ancient concepts.

In addition, we will cover the Cwic Inerpreters The 4 Phases of the Prieshood, The Royal Procession, and Temple Imagery & Drama all done within the context of the Egyptian temples and the Book of Abraham.


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