Cwic Clips- At- One-ment, Mercy & Covering

How do these words and concepts work together? What do they have to do with the Ark of the Covenant? What does 'covering' (Kippur) with robes have to do with Atonement? How is mercy a part of the Spiritual Economy?



all right so let's cover atonement here

atonement comes from it's an English

word that came from William Tyndale or

tinsdale in the 14 1500s and basically

what he did is he took the term Kippur

which is to cover in the Old Testament

and gave the word atonement and

atonement comes from a couple of

different words that he put together so

you have at and one so atonement is at

one mint it's the same idea as covenant

it's taking two sides and having a

reconciliation or bringing them

together together that's what covenant

means right Cova near would be to come


that's a covenant and so at one mint is

bringing God and man together there is

the higher law where God is coming down

to men condescending them in and paying

for man's sins sacrificing for him and

then there is the lower law where man is

reaching toward God to be at one with

him by obedience and by prayer and by

anything that's reaching upward toward

God so that's really what

atonement means is being at one it has

to do with covenant but there's another

meaning as well that has to do with

covering so Kippur we think of the day

Yom Kippur

which is a Jewish holiday right that is

the day of atonement

well Yom Kippur really means day of

covering and day of covering is the same

thing as atonement so in the in the

ritual of the Day of Atonement the high

priest would go into the temple would go

into the Holy of Holies and would

cleanse everything out with the blood of

an auction the blood of a goat and etc

and it would cleanse the temple and

cleanse the land and cleanse the people

and reconcile God with man it was like

it was also called a the covenant of

peace sometimes it's termed so it would

be a covering of this through it with

the blood that would be the payment

you would cover and we see this imagery

throughout the scriptures as well of

covering for example when Adam and Eve

lose their garments of light they lose

their covering they lose their Kippur

the atonement in a sense they lose that

and then when Jesus Christ or Jehovah

makes garments of animal skins for Adam

and Eve he is giving them a covering

right he's giving them a cap or he's

giving them atonement it's a

representation of atonement now we use

the term atonement also in the sense of

a verb to atone for someone and that is

also correct it's a payment to pay for

somebody else or to pay for a past sin

of yourself

it's payment and we can see that in a

couple of other words also attributed to

William tinsdale is the term mercy seat

so in the Holy of Holies you had the Ark

of the Covenant and what covered the Ark

of becoming the lid that had the two

cherubim with the with the wings on

them that was called the Kippur it right

the covering and so that would cover it

but it was also called at least by

William tinsdale apparently the mercy

seat now think about the word mercy we

think of mercy as in the bowels of Mercy

and having compassion but what does that

really mean what that means is you are

paying for someone right you're paying

the price of having empathy and

suffering in behalf of somebody else

think of the word mercenary mercenary

would be a soldier who is paid by a

different nation usually to come in and

battle for them to go to war for them

it's a payment they're accepting payment

as a soldier mercy same thing where we

the same term or word from where we get

mercenary so mercy is actually a payment

and so we have the law of justice which

is the lower law

very important but what supersedes that

it's the law of at one mint from God

it's the law of covering from God it's

the law of mercy from God His mercy His

grace is a covering and we think of his

glory is something that covers us

garments of glory the temple garment is

a covering and so when we are naked or

ashamed so to speak it's because we've

been separated from God and as we are

covered in holy raiment or of glory then

we are reconciled in a sense with God we

have there is a payment there it is a

covering and that is atonement at one ment


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