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Come Follow Me LDS - Deuteronomy

Serpents, Arrows, Beasts, & Swords

The Hebrew name for the Book of Deuteronomy is, "Sefer Devarim" - The Book of the Words! This book is framed with our concept of "DBR".

Within just a few...

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Come Follow Me Doctrine and Covenants 133-134

Weakness and The Suffering Servant

The beginning (Section 1) and the original end (Section 133) both refer to Isaiah 53-53 and both invoke "weakness". In this episode, we journey through these two...

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Come Follow Me LDS- 3 Nephi 20-26

"The Restoration & The Book of Mormon"
- Jesus Christ quotes Isaiah
- He talks of the Abrahamic Covenant, the Gathering of Israel and the Doctrine of Christ
- Just as Moroni quoted Isaiah and...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Mosiah 11-17 Pt 2, Book of Mormon (May 4-10)

'The REAL Reason Abinadi Was Killed'
- Abinadi was NOT killed because he wouldn't give 'Good Tidings'
- In fact, Abinadi did give 'Good Tidings'
- Abinadi was killed because he preached of the coming...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Mosiah 11-17 Pt 1, Book of Mormon (May 4 - 10)

'Abinadi on Trial'

-  Abinadi's Trial is not what you think.

- What is Abinadi's real interpretation of Isaiah 52:7-10?
- Isaiah 53, the Suffering Servant, helps answer the priest's 'gotcha'...

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Come Follow Me LDS- 2 Nephi 11-25 (Feb 17 - 23)

'The Meaning of Isaiah'

- Clues to reading these Isaiah chapters are found in Nephi's 'Introduction'

- Isaiah focuses on Christ, Covenant and the Higher & Lower Laws

- The meaning of the...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Acts 6-9 Pt 2

'Philip, Simon Magus & Paul'
- Philip's focus on Isaiah
- Simon Magus as the Counterfeit Priesthood
- Paul as Alma the Younger



Come Follow Me

LDS Mormon New Testament Acts Bible


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The Nehor Principle Part 1

'The Fourth Interpreter'
- The Laws of this World fight against the Doctrine of Christ
- The title, Son of God is not always the same as 'The Messiah'
- Scriptural examples of The Nehor Principle


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