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Elder Holland's BYU Speech - Commentary

Elder Holland gave a stirring speech to BYU yesterday, August 23, 2021. He was direct in his approach while expressing his love for the institution of Brigham Young University. In this episode, I...

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Cwic Show- Parenting, Marriage & Natural Horsemanship

Ron Searle does a masterful job of guiding us through our relationship with our sons, especially those that are difficult. He shows how to make the relationship of your son with you, the most...

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Come Follow Me LDS- 1 Corinthians 1 7 Pt 2

'Paul's Family Proclamation'
- Continuation on 'Mysteries'
- The Veil and The Body of Christ
- Paul's Marital Advice on Physical Relationships


 Come Follow Me

LDS Mormon New Testament 1...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Romans 7-16, Part 1

'Law - Judgement - Grace'
- We have all partaken of the fruit
- We are subject to the law and its consequences
- Grace 'Covers' the law
- Both Trees are necessary

Paul's orchestration of Faith, Works...

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