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Come Follow Me LDS - Genesis 24-27, The Abrahamic Covenant

All Will Be Tested Like Abraham and Sarah

The Abrahamic Covenant is covered from Abraham to Isaac to Jacob. The birthright inheritance and the birthright blessing are both representations of...

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Hebrews- Joseph Smith's Priestly Trio- Melchizedek, Abraham & Jesus Christ (Facebook Live)

Melchizedek, Abraham and Jesus Christ makeup a priestly trio that Joseph Smith highlights in from the Book of Hebrews, JST Genesis 14 and Alma 13.

This was a presentation done for Come Follow Me...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Hebrews 7-13 Part 3

'Faith of the Ancients'

-  What is faith?

-  The prophets and others in the Old Testament had faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God

-  There was a doctrine of resurrection in the Old...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Hebrews 1-6 Chaps 4-6, New Testament

'Actors, Roles & Drama'
- Joseph Smith was right
- Jesus, like Abraham, takes the role of the Throne Bearer
- The Melchizedek King tradition is about Jesus Christ



Come Follow Me


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Come Follow Me LDS- Galatians Part 2

'Sarah & Hagar, Higher & Lower Laws'
- The title, 'Son of God' meaning
- Abraham, Sarah & Isaac as the Higher Law, Hagar & Ishmael as the Lower Law
- Bear each others burdens
- Be...

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Come Follow Me LDS- 2 Corinthians 1-7 Part 2

Hidden, Adversity & Genes'
- 'Hidden' & 'Eternal' are behind the veil
- We are in mortality to experience adversity, but not to be crushed
- Why is Abraham 'Father Abraham'?




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Come Follow Me LDS- Romans 1-6 Part 2

'Wages & Gifts'
- Further development of Faith, Works & Grace
- The Tree of Knowledge as 'The Law'
- Abraham as the linchpin for the Jews & Gentiles
- Paul adds a crucial component of the...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Acts 6-9 Part 1

'Stephen & Stones'
- Stephen as an Abinadi figure
- Abraham's Lech Lecha
- The Creation Story as a temple script
- Harming in the name of God




in this episode we're gonna talk...

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