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Come Follow Me LDS- Alma 13-16, Book of Mormon (Jun 15 - 21)

"Alma & Melchizedek"
- A possible Feast of Trumpets stage for Alma and Amulek
- Why Alma talks of the Melchizedek Priesthood in Ammonihah
- The Higher & Lower Laws
- "Casting Off" sins

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Come Follow Me LDS- Hebrews 7-13, Chaps 9-10, New Testament

'Last Will & Day of Atonement'

-  The shedding of Christ's blood effectuates the the 'Last Will & Testament' of God.

-  The ancient Day of Atonement was all about Christ and His...

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Come Follow me LDS- Matt 27, Mark 15, Luke 23, John 19 Part 1

'Mock Trial'
- Jesus & Barabbas as the two goats of The Day of Atonement
- Barabbas was a revolutionary, a type of 'Messiah'
- The world mocks what it wants to devalue
- The Romans don't want to...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Part 1: John 7-10 Part 1

'Tabernacles, A Woman & A Serpent'
- Christ comes to the temple at The Feast of Tabernacles
- Woman caught in adultery as a Day of Atonement ritual scene
- Jesus as the Brazen Serpent



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Come Follow Me LDS- Easter, Episode 2: Monday- Temple Cleansing

- Already honored as King, Jesus Now Shown as The Great Melchizedek High Priest
- Cleansing the temple is symbolic of the High Priest ritual on the Day of Atonement
- The temple is the destination of...

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The Day of Atonement, The Mosaic Temple & The Christian Sacrament of Communion

Shon D. Hopkins gives a presentation on how The Day of Atonement, the Mosaic Temple, Passover and the Eucharist/Sacrament are linked with specific symbolism. In the presentation there are many...

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