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Come Follow Me LDS- Alma 39-42, Book of Mormon

'Spirit Prison & Resurrection'
- Justice vs. Mercy - Justice AND Mercy
- Siron is a 'No-Man's Land'
- Corianton had grabbed onto some wayward ideologies
- YOU are Adam or Eve
- Ponder = To Weigh,...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Hebrews 7-13 Part 3

'Faith of the Ancients'

-  What is faith?

-  The prophets and others in the Old Testament had faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God

-  There was a doctrine of resurrection in the Old...

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Come Follow Me LDS- 1 Corinthians 14-16 Part 2

'Degrees, Hierarchy & Resurrection'
- Steps in the Plan of Salvation are coupled with a Hierarchy
- The resurrection is a physical resurrection
- The Spirit and the Body are like 'Heaven and the...

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