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The LDS Temple and Identity

Do We Understand Other Changes Must Occur To Change Temple

- Some believe that temple marriage between a man and a woman is not a core doctrine.
- Some invest a lot in the hope for temple change

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Come Follow Me LDS- Christmas Part 1- Zacharias & Gabriel

'Zacharias & Gabriel'

-  Setting the Christmas Stage

-  Waiting for the Messiah or Waiting for The Son of God?

-  Zacharias as Priest in the temple

- The Christmas story starts...

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Cwic Clips- House On A Rock, The Temple Mount & Peter

cwic clips peter rock temple Dec 16, 2019

- How might Peter and Jesus Christ be 'The Rock'

- What is the 'House built on a rock'?



and then he finishes up the Sermon on

the Mount was something really

interesting and that is...

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Cwic Clips- The Real Temple Is The Body

We often say that our body is a temple, like the temples we go to around the world. But perhaps it is the other way around- our body is the real temple.



LDS Mormon Body Temple Word...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Hebrews 7-13, Chaps 7-8, New Testament

'Titles & Forms'
- What can appear to be a description of Christ, Prophets & Priests, is often a title.
- King of Salem, King of Jerusalem, King of Peace, Prince of Peace
- The lineage of the...

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