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Come Follow Me LDS - 2 Kings 17- 25, King Josiah and The Deuteronomists

Do The Reforms Under King Josiah Set The Stage For Lehi's Jerusalem?

- We plant a seed for Isaiah and Hezekiah and The Suffering Servant
- Was King Josiah who we are told he was?
- What did the...

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Come Follow Me LDS - Deuteronomy

Serpents, Arrows, Beasts, & Swords

The Hebrew name for the Book of Deuteronomy is, "Sefer Devarim" - The Book of the Words! This book is framed with our concept of "DBR".

Within just a few...

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Come Follow Me LDS- 1 Nephi 16-22 (Jan 27 - Feb 2)

A Bow, A Ship & A Prophet'

-  The Arabian environment

-  Traveling protocol in Arabia

-  Nephi describes the wilderness journey 'like' the Children of Israel

- Like the Liahona,...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Intro to The Book of Mormon

'The Loss of Christ'

A quick history of the Israelites and Lehi's environment in Jerusalem shows us why the Book of Mormon came to be.



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The Nehor Principle Part 2

"The Fourth Interpreter' Part 2
- Josiah, Jeremiah & Lehi
- Laman & Lemuel
- Abinadi was killed because he preached about Jehovah being born into mortality (The Son of God) and bearing the...

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