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The Jerusalem Temple As The Great and Spacious Building and the Launch Of The Book of Mormon

If you have followed this channel, you know that I have stated over the years that in Lehi's Dream, the most likely building represented by the Great and Spacious Building, is the Temple at...

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Come Follow Me LDS - Jeremiah 30 - 36 Part 2

More On Lehi's Jerusalem!

Uriah the prophet runs, then is caught and killed. The same thing was to happen to Lehi.



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Come Follow Me LDS - Jeremiah 1-20

The Dominating Deuteronomists!

Jeremiah is called as a prophet just one year after King Josiah's reforms. What's going on? The priests are corrupt, the temple and its ordinances are corrupt- this...

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Come Follow Me LDS- 1 Nephi 1-7 Pt 2

''Return to Jerusalem'

-  Are Laman and Lemuel Deuteronomists?

-  The Davidic Covenant

-  Lehi is a 'visionary man' against the theology of Jerusalem at the time.

- ...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Intro to The Book of Mormon

'The Loss of Christ'

A quick history of the Israelites and Lehi's environment in Jerusalem shows us why the Book of Mormon came to be.



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The Nehor Principle Part 2

"The Fourth Interpreter' Part 2
- Josiah, Jeremiah & Lehi
- Laman & Lemuel
- Abinadi was killed because he preached about Jehovah being born into mortality (The Son of God) and bearing the...

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