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Come Follow Me LDS- Moroni 1-6

'The Sacrament"
- Moroni includes some priesthood protocols
- The sacrament prayers are written down
- Remembering both the body and the blood of Christ
- A broken heart and a contrite spirit are...

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LDS- Conducting An At-Home Sacrament Meeting

'Change Can Be Good'

- Performing the ordinance of the sacrament requires approval from your Bishop or Branch President

-  Like 'wild olive branches' Change Can Be Good

-  This is a...

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Come Follow Me LDS- 1 Corinthians 8-13 Part 1

'Knowledge, Meat & Sacrifice'
- Paul contrasts the two trees with 'knowledge' and 'charity'
- The more we know, the more we should realize what we don't know
- The Sacrament is like the 'meat' of...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Matt 26, Mark 14, Luke 22 Part 1

'Body, Blood & Covenant'
- The Sacrament as the Higher and Lower Laws
- The Sacrament as Covenant
- The Shewbread and Libations of Wine
- 'Remembering' the Coming of The Lord
- The Sacrament for...

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Repentance Talk- LDS

-How Repentance is an Aaronic Priesthood and Lower Law function.
-Why there are two different prayers for the sacrament.
-Our half of the atonement and John the Baptist.
- Mail Jeep Story



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Come Follow Me LDS - Matthew 3, Mark 1, Luke 3

-Why John the Baptist is mentioned and prophesied of so much in scripture.
-How the meeting of John and Jesus at the Jordan River represents the two priesthoods.
-Why there must be a separation of...

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The Day of Atonement, The Mosaic Temple & The Christian Sacrament of Communion

Shon D. Hopkins gives a presentation on how The Day of Atonement, the Mosaic Temple, Passover and the Eucharist/Sacrament are linked with specific symbolism. In the presentation there are many...

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