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Terryl Givens and Nathaniel Givens On Faith - Into The Headwinds, Part 1

Such A Great Discussion!
When do we really know what we believe? Is our belief what we say or even think? Or is what we believe revealed when our intuition is running our behavior?

Using the...

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Why People Are Leaving The LDS Church

A New Worldview Pulls Away Hearts And Minds

We would do well by understanding the warnings of the Book of Mormon and the time of Captain Moroni.

Identitarianism and Critical Social Justice are the...

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Latter-Day Saint Faith Crisis - "It's A Natural Development Process"

Jeffrey Thayne, Nathaniel Givens, and Dan Ellsworth

What is faith? What is knowledge and testimony?

A faith crisis is a developmental event and a natural occurrence for some on a journey of faith....

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Cwic Clips- LDS Faith Crisis, Doubt & the Two Types of Knowledge

Clip from 'Faith, Hope & Charity'

- LDS Faith Crisis

- Doubts about the church and gospel

- There is an intellectual knowledge and an experiential knowledge


Full episode-  ...

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Dinner with Millennials- LDS: Why Some Millennials Might Be Leaving the Church- Mormon

faith crisis millenials Jan 28, 2019

This is a faith-promoting discussion.
Faith crisis?
Millennials go over why some of their generation and the 'Z' generation might leave the church today or what might cause a faith crisis, including...

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