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Come Follow Me LDS - Doctrine and Covenants 77

It was pointed out that King Noah had already suffered death by the time his priests abducted the Lamanite Daughters. It had been a while since I had revisited that. However, I still believe the...

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Come Follow Me LDS- 1 Nephi 1-7 Pt 1 (Jan 6-12)

'Lehi's Earlier Dream'

-  The environment in Lehi's Jerusalem

-  No 'Reformed Egyptian' for Nephi

-  In chapter 1, Nephi shows how Lehi's earlier dream counters the current...

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Cwic Clips- Reading Visionary Scriptures

cwic clips visions Oct 24, 2019

Some scriptures seem odd. Strange beings, heavy symbolism and almost a dream-like description. You are probably reading a vision.



LDS Mormon


Matthew 4 and Luke 4 they open up...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Acts 10-15 Pt 1

'Gentiles, Animals & Covenant'
- Cornelius & Peter
- Animals in Visions
- Gentile and Jew as a 'Covenant'
- All of God's children have a part in the Spiritual Economy through Covenant

*I say...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Matthew 4, Luke 4-5 Part1

- How Darth Vader and Voldemort represent Satan.
- Jesus is seeing a vision! He is tempted in the wilderness.
- Did Jesus really fast for 40 days?
- Visions are found throughout the scriptures, Lehi,...

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