Cwic Clips- Reading Visionary Scriptures

cwic clips visions Oct 24, 2019

Some scriptures seem odd. Strange beings, heavy symbolism and almost a dream-like description. You are probably reading a vision.



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Matthew 4 and Luke 4 they open up in a

how shall we call this it's like a

vision this is something very similar to

what for example Lehi has he has at

least a couple of visions in the Book of

Mormon John the Revelator in the book of

Revelation has a revelation Daniel has

these visions or dreams this is kind of

what's happening with Jesus he has this

visionary experience and if you recall

when Nephi has his vision when he wants

to see his father's vision he says I

can't recall if I was in or out of the

body and it doesn't really matter to him

so that's an important distinction or an

important thing to understand here with

this I think the best way to understand

these visions is number one to put

yourself in the shoes of the those that

are receiving the vision so put yourself

in the shoes of Jesus for a moment here

and what I mean by that is imagine it's

you don't look at this as a historical

event and something that just Jesus went

through but imagine that you are going

through this and that you're in this

drama or this vision that is happening

and then secondly I think it's important

to look at it as if it's a dream so

imagine that you are having this dream

what would it mean for you and what are

the principles and truths that you would

be able to glean from this type of a

dream if you had it what would it be

trying to tell you


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