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Come Follow Me LDS - Doctrine and Covenants 81-83

In these Sections we get several of the tenets of building Zion. The "Platinum Rule" is outlined, the Doctrine of Christ from Isaiah's Suffering Servant, bearing each others' burdens and caring for...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Mosiah 11-17 Pt 2, Book of Mormon (May 4-10)

'The REAL Reason Abinadi Was Killed'
- Abinadi was NOT killed because he wouldn't give 'Good Tidings'
- In fact, Abinadi did give 'Good Tidings'
- Abinadi was killed because he preached of the coming...

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Come Follow Me LDS- 1-2 Peter Part 1, New Testament

'Peter's Procession'

-  Peter writes his letter based on a Royal Procession

-  An Holy Priesthood & a Royal Priesthood

-  The Suffering Servant is part of the ritual

- ...

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