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King Charles Mimics King Benjamin - An Easter Message

Yesterday, on Maundy Thursday, King Charles gave an address very similar to King Benjamin in the Book of Mormon. This is not a coincidence. Kings and Queens have always had a contract/covenant with...

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Come Fe Follow Me LDS- Mosiah 4-6 (Apr 20-26)

'King Benjamin & The 4 Phases of the Priesthood'

-  King Benjamin's Speech passes through Faith, Hope & Charity

-  The difference between Marxism and King Benjamin

- The Fluid...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Mosiah 1-3 (Apr 13-19)

"Mosiah, Messiah'

- The beginning of Mosiah is not the beginning of Mosiah

-  The relics are passed on to Mosiah

-  King Benjamin's speech is rich in ritual

- The Fluid Hierarchy in King...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Acts 16-21 Part 2

'Apollos, Scribes & Servants'
- The Bible- 'as far as it is translated correctly'
- Paul vs Diana
- Paul and King Benjamin



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