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Come Follow Me LDS - Doctrine and Covenants 109-110

"Checks and Balances"

- The title of God, "Lord God of Israel"
- Covenant
- We are a part of the hierarchal structure seen in visions of Temple Imagery and Drama. We are the "Servants."
- Who is...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Doctrine and Covenants 27-28

"Knights at a Roundtable"

In the context of the Sacrament, a covenant, communal meal, the Lord invites those with "keys" to sit at the table with him and share in the meal. Ultimately, we find out...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Matthew 16-17, Mark 8-9, Luke 9,Part 2

'High Places, A Shiny Face & Elias x2'
- Jesus Takes Peter James & John to a 'High Place'
- John the Baptist & Moses Appear
- There are two different Eliases



Come Follow Me...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Matthew 10-11 Part 1

'A Snitch, An Elias & A Yoke'
- How societies get family members to turn on each other.
- The Joseph Smith Doctrine of the Spirit of Elias and The Spirit of Elijah
- How Christ's 'Yoke' is...

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