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Come Follow Me LDS- 3 Nephi 27 - 4 Nephi

'From Zion to Chaos'
- The NAME of the church is part of a theme
- We take on the Name of Jesus Christ
- We are baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ
- This all has to do with the Doctrine of Christ

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Come Follow Me LDS- Mosiah 18-24, Book of Mormon (May 11 - 17)

Bearing Burdens & 'Nasar'
-  Alma's people bear light on the baptismal covenant
-  The Place of Mormon
-  We are all to tried like Abraham and Sarah
-  How 'Nasar' may play a...

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Cwic Clips- Born Again and The Higher & Lower Laws

Jesus' discussion with Nicodemus on being 'born again' is not just about baptism of water, but of the Spirit as well. Jesus is teaching Nicodemus, a Pharisee, about the Higher & Lower Laws.


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