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Reason, Revelation, Philosophy and America - Cwic Clip

How do reason and revelation work together? What was Thomas Aquinas' contribution on Reason and Faith? What are the philosophical underpinnings of bringing these two sides (Heaven and Earth)...

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Come Follow Me LDS- 2 Nephi 1-5 Part 1 (Feb 3 - 9)

lehi panta rei philosophy Feb 03, 2020

'Lehi The Philosopher'

-  Who will come to the Promised Land?

-  Lehi gives his treatise on being 'one' and 'opposition in all things -  He starts with the pre-mortal life

- ...

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Come Follow Me LDS- Philippians-Colossians Part 2

'Purple Wool & The New Man'
- Paul resets the Doctrine of Christ
- 'Spoiled through Philosophy'
- Temple Imagery and 'Putting On' the New Man
- 'Endowment'
- Practical & Spiritual Consequences

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Come Follow Me LDS- Acts 16-21, Part 1

'Reason & Strange Things'
- Paul's 2nd Mission
- Paul reasons in the synagogues
- Paul contends with philosophers
- Paul teaches 'Strange Things'



Come Follow Me

LDS Mormon New...

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Ancient Greek Philosopher Celsus on Early Christians and Esteem for Their Bodies

“The early Christians were known to have remarkably positive views of the human body. Celsus was a second-century Greek philosopher who wrote the first book against Christianity (it was...

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