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Come Follow Me LDS- Alma 30-31 Part 1 (July 6 - 12)

"Korihor- Is There A God?"

Korihor, unlike most adversaries to the church and the Nephites, comes across as an atheist. Most adversaries are full of religious zeal or use religion for wicked ends....

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The Nehor Principle Part 1

'The Fourth Interpreter'
- The Laws of this World fight against the Doctrine of Christ
- The title, Son of God is not always the same as 'The Messiah'
- Scriptural examples of The Nehor Principle


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Nehor vs Korihor- Battle of the Deniers!

- Nehor is religious, but denies a Christ
- Korihor is an Atheist, and seeks signs and evidence before faith
- Both remove the godly attributes of Faith, Hope & Charity

- A primer for 'The Nehor...

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