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Come Follow Me LDS - Abraham 3 & Moses 1, Part 1

Prelude to Creation Part 1 - Abraham 3

Abraham 3 and Moses 1 are preludes to the Creation and Garden of Eden stories. They set the stage for these dramas and for the doctrines. Importantly, we...

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Come Follow Me LDS- JST Matthew 1 Part 1

'Summer is Night at Hand'
- We should learn to identify trends and patterns
- Disassembling the Creation Story represents chaos and a spiritual breakdown



Come Follow Me New Testament


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Come Follow Me LDS Follow Up- The Mount of Transfiguration: Wait, Who Is Elias?

 -Who was on the Mount of Transfiguration?

- Further information about Elias and Elijah

I do not make any conclusions on this topic. I only try to put some information out there about this...

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