The Garden of Eden w/ Pastor Jeff McCullough "Ground Zero"

Another great discussion! Pastor Jeff McCullough and Latter-day Saint Greg Matsen discuss the Garden of Eden.

A few months ago, I sat down with Jeff to ask him about his understanding of the Garden of Eden. It was obvious to me that this was an area that needed to be discussed and that it offers the framework to better understand many of the core differences in our theologies. We agreed to sit down and follow up on the conversation. This episode is that follow-up.

We touch on:
- The beguiling of Eve
- What does "death" mean anciently?
- The Pre-Mortal World
- What was the plan of God?
- How does the Garden of Eden inform both God's Plan and the purpose of mankind?
- At what point could Adam and Eve procreate?
- The Tree of Life
- The necessity for mankind to have Faith in Christ.
- And much more!




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