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Cwic Clips- 'Healer'

Christ as the 'Healer' Old English translations of the bible did not use the proper name of 'Jesus', but rather 'haeland', meaning 'healer'.



okay and then Jesus casts out Devils he


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Come Follow Me LDS- Matthew 8-9, Mark 2-5 Part 1

- Jesus Established as The Healer in Galilee
- How the Atonement means 'to cover', as in garments
- Masses Follow Him
- He is Rejected in Capernaum


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in this episode we're...
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Come Follow Me LDS- Matthew 4; Luke 4-5 Part 2

-Jesus, as a Jew, was a minority in Galilee!
-Gentiles as a constant feature of the function of the Melchizedek Priesthood and the fulness of the gospel.
-Jesus as 'healer' = 'Haeland'



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