Walk- Deseret Book Rumors - The Virgins, The Talents, and The Goats Is About Marginalized & Charity

- Deseret Book rumors- I never said that Deseret Book was "waving" the pride flag in their stores.

- US Debt is not an eternal principle

- Capitalism is dead without grace and charity

- The Three Parables
The Ten Virgins is showing there will be a separation.
The Talents shows why. Talents - not your musical talents! This parable is speaking of the disparity in mortality. We are all at different levels. The servant with just one talent is the person on the margins. It is showing the side of principle and works for the marginalized. The marginalized (all of us in different regards and at different times) must use the capacity, power, influence, faith, and all that they are, to help others and increase in their own capacity. They have a responsibility, Victimhood and Critical Social Justice teach the marginalized to acquit themselves of responsibility. It is evil.
The Sheep and the Goats summarize the parables of the Ten Virgins and The Talents.




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