Come Follow Me LDS - Doctrine and Covenants 88

"The Olive Leaf"

Doctrine and Covenants 88 is a gargantuan revelation. We set the stage with Joseph Smith and Sections 86 & 87 for the reception of "The Olive Leaf". The Section starts out with the title, "Lord of Sabaoth." We cover this and talk about the Deuteronimists in Jerusalem at the time of Lehi. One thing to notice in this section is its framing of hierarchy through the Sun, Moon, Stars, and the Earth. It is very, very, similar to that often talked about chapter 3 in the Book of Abraham. You know, the one with "Kolob." We cover that.

We also get more context about the Doctrine of Christ and its relationship to the Light of Christ. Also, the Higher and Lower Laws are found in this Section paralleling the "body and the spirit" as our soul.




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