Royal Procession, Cwic Interpreter - Provo Presentation

The audio could be better.

Jesus' entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday is usually called the Triumphal Entry. This hides what is happening. Jesus rides in through the east gate of Jerusalem on a donkey just as King Solomon did at his coronation. This is a Royal Procession to the temple. As a pervasive cultural event, it is also used as a metaphor in scripture for the Aaronic and Melchizedek Priesthoods as in "prepare ye the way" and the "Second Coming of Christ" as just a couple of examples. This Cwic Interpreter also helps support the Interpreter, The Higher and the Lower Laws.

Also, though not explained in this presentation, the events of the last week (Holy Week) of the mortal life of Jesus are given more context.

When one comes to understand the Royal Procession, it will additionally add insight to your temple experience.


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