LDS Doomsday Family Abduct 16 Yr Old Son, Blaze Thibaudeau - Believe Is Davidic Servant

Update: Blaze Thibaudeau was just found crossing an eastern Alaska Port of Entry! Spring Thibaudeau and her brother Brooke Hale are in custody.

Active Latter-day Saint Mother and daughter take unsuspecting son, Blaze Thibaudeau, to an unknown wintery gathering in the north. They leave without the father's knowledge.

The Mother, her brother, and the adult daughter appear to have gotten involved with an end-times cult.

The Davidic Servant is supposed to be someone who is to prepare the way for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Avraham Gileadi had this to say,
“The fact that these counterfeits are starting to come forth was predicted by Jesus, but that doesn’t make the real fulfillment of end-time prophecies any less true or that we should not look forward to them.”




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