God's Patriarchy, Kolob, and Flattening The Hierarchy

God has a Patriarchy. It is His order, priesthood, and word. Abraham chapter 3 helps define this Patriarchy with the parallelism of cosmology and spirits. This is the "DBR" of God. Kolob is simply the beginning of the order.

When Lehi says, "There must be opposition in all things," he is not speaking of just opposites. He is speaking of everything in between. This allows for order, truth, and hierarchy/patriarchy. The adversary wishes to "flatten the hierarchy" of God and to create a forced outcome, "Equity."

If you love the gospel, I believe you will enjoy this video. It gathers the truths of the visions of the scriptures and applies them to our day. To "Equity" and to the Philosophies of Men.

King Noah not "Limhi" - I finished this episode at 5 am. This may not be the only mistake. I said in the video that Gideon fought Limhi. But he fought King Noah.




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