God's Love Is Not Exactly Unconditional

As is outlined by Elder Nelson in the article below, God’s love for us is not necessarily unconditional.What does that mean? It means that we feel of God’s love more as we obey the commandments and make decisions that bring us closer to Him. A good example of this is Lehi’s Vision. While many individuals are moving forward, somewhat toward the Tree of Life, it is only those that make it to the tree and stay at the tree who partake of the fruit of the tree which is ‘the love of god’.

Also, we can see by Nephi’s words at the beginning of his writing where he gives similar instruction. For example, in the Book of Mormon’s first chapter in its last verse, verse 20, Nephi sets up his writings by saying, “But behold, I,Nephi, will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance.” So it is because of our faith that we are shown the ‘tender mercies of the Lord’. Then in the next chapter, the next verse, “Blessed art thou Lehi, because of the things which thou hast done”. Again, Lehi’s actions bring the blessings. And then late in 1 Nephi 2:20, “Blessed art thou, Nephi, because of thy faith.”

Of course this does not mean that God does not have a love for us regardless of our choices. He sent the Savior who died for ALL of our sins even if we do not repent. That is love. For all of us in that situation, Isaiah states in 2 Nephi 15:25, “For all this his anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still.”

Of course then there is this tweet from President Eyring that I just got today:

“Heavenly Father and His Beloved Son love all of God’s children no matter what they choose to do or what they become.”


Divine Love- Elder Nelson


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