Faith over Secularism!

We are living in a time when secularism has taken hold of our culture like never before. Its ideologies, philosophies, and identities have changed our institutions, education, our communication, and our relationships. These strong, secular movements have spewed forth from our universities. Those universities have become the fountain of our new culture.

Elder Maxwell, perhaps better than any other apostle, saw the growing effects of secularism in our universities and culture and prophesied succinctly about the consequences, and saw clearly the contrast between The Gospel of Jesus Christ vs. Secularism. This prophetic insight is far more than a nostradamic prognostication. It is rather an inspired vision of an ark of eternal principles voyaging through a sea of secular ideologies. He called this "Eternalism vs Secularism" in a monumental talk. These secular ideologies are now claiming the hearts of many Latter-day Saints. It is the spiritual battle of our lifetime and can only be fought with the sword of truth, the shield of faith, and the helmet of salvation.


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