Cwic Clips- Truth, Love, Coercion

Whenever truths arrives, those who are against it put up numerous obstacles. But without force from the opponents of truth, truth will win out. But force is the natural course too many times.

The church works, for the most part, one on one. A great respect is given to individuality and free agency.




and then in verse 12 a very important

principle as well here and from the days

of John the Baptist he says until now so

matter of years the Kingdom of Heaven

suffereth violence so again this is a

reference to what is probably happening

to some of the disciples when I say

disciples that I mean just the twelve I

mean everybody some of the followers of

John the Baptist and some of the

followers of Jesus that they are

probably being persecuted quite a bit he

says now the Kingdom of Heaven suffereth

violence and the violence and the

violent take it by force isn't this an

interesting principle that whenever

truth comes through somewhere it seems

that there is certainly there is

manipulation certainly there is

influence to try and push it off by

those that don't want it but ultimately

given time it seems that the truth is

going to win out and so what do those

who don't want the truth do they resort

to force and we can see that in all

examples I gave the examples of some of

the regimes in the 20th century they

gained their power by force and by

violence ultimately that's how you have

to do it think of just how and by the

way this happened in in some of

Christian history as well this certainly

happened and it happened coming into the

Americas it happened in a lot of these

instances but and there's probably you

could say some ideological possession

going on there even within Christianity

but think about how the Church of Jesus

Christ of Latter day Saints operates the

church operates in a way that almost

exclusively converts are gained one by

one you'll have every once in a while an

example of some village in South America

that converts but for the most part

souls are converted through love they

are converted through teaching they're

converted through the spirit

and it's almost exclusively a one-on-one

basis that to me is something very

special and something that get rings

very true to me as to how the truth

would work it might take a lot longer

than then otherwise you'd want for your

goals but it works on an individual

basis begin we in that sense we are we

are giving an enormous amount of respect

to free agency and an enormous amount of

respect to individuals and their choice

and having them actually convert

internally because they want to and it

doesn't always happen that way of course

nothing is perfect but that is for the

most part how the church operates in

trying to get the message of the gospel

out through the missionaries and through

member missionaries etc

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